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Is there anything they can’t do?

A bit of a workout

let there be light

I am not dreaming…

or a dog in the hood chasing a rhino


Quick … phone a friend



Good children are the results of good parenting


Who let the dogs out 

like love

New on  the F_-Book

then things go funny spy now


,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ (Water ) _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸ takes the easiest Route. …

Life & Love is everything, and yet it can be so very easy to lose sight of its importance as we get bogged down by the lack of it….Colorado Flooding

Television handicaps your mind
wouldn’t the ….. people rather talk about sports or a coffee cup or something?


But the Bankers will take care of I  and u$ bankers

We don’t advertise because we fear being wiped out by the evil forces that control the planet at this moment and time.


My guitar is a Hagstrom 65-impala

Its a Beauty Garden and Its a 65 Hagstrom in it …and if you want to see more nice guitar pictures have a look on Facebook under my guitar page.011  MuS1c is Therapy $$   love RH +CD

the music is Art.

Happiness At the Golden Nugget in Vegas

Happiness At the Golden Nugget in Vegas

This is like a fun town Cruiser with a sleeping area For Fun in the sun.

but the Need to pay breaks it down to this Or ViSalus products so we can do it again

A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping North And West Vancouver BC For 25 Years

Don’t Rock the boat.

Don't Rock the boat.

There’s  no room for guys this big, in this boat.
This guy needs a new Boat or maybe just one 90 day Challange With the Visalus  to get the feeling for weight loss when it works, I like  the shakes that work well for me and my loved ones for feeling better about my health and loosing weight.

My Hometown Hero his initials are BA

My Hometown Hero his initials are BA

This is a doctored sexy Shot Of him a few years back,
I would like to talk to him and have tried,

I am sure he is busy and not in North Vancouver any more. Since then he is everywhere no doubt.
Sending his message with music by way of his Given name Bryan Adams.

And its the same since I Met him in Sutherland Secondary School back in 1977 in music Class :]

Happy Valentines Day 2013

Happy Valentines Day 2013

Good morning Sweetie and I hope you had a good Sleep.

And have a Lovely Valentines Day Love Daddy-0

best dog picture

best dog picture

Angus is a god Walking on water!
Why? … because He likes ViSalus Shakes Too. :]

Visalus dolls

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” title=”Visalus dolls”>Visalus dolls

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