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Is there anything they can’t do?

A bit of a workout

let there be light

I am not dreaming…

or a dog in the hood chasing a rhino


Quick … phone a friend



Good children are the results of good parenting


Who let the dogs out 

like love

New on  the F_-Book

then things go funny spy now


,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸-(_ (Water ) _)-,.-~*’¨¯¨’*·~-.¸ takes the easiest Route. …

Life & Love is everything, and yet it can be so very easy to lose sight of its importance as we get bogged down by the lack of it….Colorado Flooding

Television handicaps your mind
wouldn’t the ….. people rather talk about sports or a coffee cup or something?


But the Bankers will take care of I  and u$ bankers

We don’t advertise because we fear being wiped out by the evil forces that control the planet at this moment and time.


Need help loosing Weight or just want some good Nutrition.

Need help loosing Weight or just want some good Nutrition.

Need help loosing Weight or just want some good Nutrition.

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Where is my “tin foil hat”?

“tin foil hat” is headgear made from aluminium foil to shield the brain from electromagnetic fields to prevent mind-control or brain-washing. Wearing a tin foil hat against these threats sterotypically brands people as having paranoia, persecutory delusions and belief in conspiracy theories.

I must admit that while I am open to many ideas and concepts, I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist and generally don’t think of myself as paranoid, even if everyone is out to get me. I realize that it is indeed a small world with strange coincidences and occurrences, some that boggle the mind and are seemingly unexplainable to the rational man. Over the years I have had bizarre meetings and circumstances that happened and rather than be concerned about the realm of impossibilities, you simply accept them as part of the usual fabric of life in a rather small world. My favourite had to be the time I was travelling from Mexico through Toronto, where I didn’t know a single soul, and ended up on the same flight as my Dad who was headed home from Ottawa via the big smoke. The shocked look in his eyes when this big tall black man, me after three weeks on the beach in Cancun, grabbed him in a big hug in the airport lobby was priceless. Neither of us knew about the other’s travel plans and there are multiple flights out of TO every day, so the odds of this chance meeting were infinitesimal. It worked out well for me though, as I didn’t have a ride arranged from the YVR airport and he ended up being my personal chauffeur.

This brings me to last week’s denial of service cyber attacks on both the White Rock Sun and Surrey Shirts websites. I woke up on Wednesday morning to find out that the website for Surrey Shirts ( had suddenly exceeded its bandwidth capacity within the server. While this happened several weeks ago when the website went viral after front page media stories concerning a cease and desist order from Surrey City Hall, it seemed odd that the site would crash again without a big news story helping to push it over a cliff. It took our web master the the tech support people from the server company a day and a half to sort out the problem and return it to public view. Imagine my surprise when I learned that on Thursday the White Rock Sun was also taken down in a malicious cyber attack which kept it from reporting the news for a day, much to the chagrin of Publisher Dave Chesney and embarrassment of the large internet company that powers up the supposedly hacker-proof servers it is carried on.

humm? … what they knew and exactly how far down the rabbit hole actually went? I figured I’d take the red pill and find out (Matrix movie reference, not drugs), asking them for the rational behind the warnings I had received. What I’ve been told is that politicos from various levels of government are actively attempting to alter internet content and place controls on websites and bloggers that are not toeing the official party doctrine. One of my columnist friends informed me that their site is constantly under attack from hostile forces and while they often use proxy servers to do their dirty work, several times IP trackers have traced the origins back to government computer servers.

Besides viral and spam attacks, I’ve also been informed that if you’ve been been a thorn under government’s saddle to expect hack attacks through friends emails that are sent to you. In a rather chilling indictment from a well-known and respected reporter friend, a member of an email group was hacked and the perpetrators then sent a virus containing email out to the targeted group that even went so far as to mimic the senders style of writing. Fortunately they were on guard for this type of trickery and the email was queried and authenticated before being inadvertently opened. It is believed that questions the group were asking regarding connections between a large commercial construction company and government contracts were to blame for the unwanted clandestine attention. In fact, I’ve been told its now considered the oldest trick in the book and next to the Chinese, one of the most favoured attack and conquer strategy’s available to all levels of political parties in B.C.

Could it be true that young member branches of seasoned political parties are attempting to attract an array of techies and computer geeks out of their parents basements, bringing with them an arsenal of dirty tricks including spam attacks, network viruses and cutting edge hacking techniques? I’ve been informed that groups of these nerds have coordinated complaints to social internet giant Facebook, getting them to remove links to news stories as spam or offensive comments. The same questionable techniques have also been used to manipulate internet search giant Google to remove entire links and cached versions of news items of a sensitive political nature. If someone tells you that once something is on the internet that it is there forever they’re wrong as you don’t have to look very far to see political stories involving the rich and powerful being cleansed or altered on a regular basis. This is especially true for media outlets that pander to the political elite and who profit from government advertising revenue, making them vulnerable to pressure and undue influence.

This all leads me to wonder about the present political turmoil in Victoria concerning a leaked Liberal document that showed Christy Clark’s government planning to woo ethnic votes utilizing provincial resources. The NDP reportedly stated this document that was sent to private Liberal email accounts had been leaked to them. I’m now wondering if it came from one of the recipients or if it was obtained from hacking into the email accounts of the people involved?
If this is the case, I would think that the method that this information was obtained would be even more of a bombshell than the governments misguided and racist intentions. If the NDP had directed such a hack attack, then it would definitely be the case of the pot calling the kettle black and quite possibly a criminal matter worth investigating. Either way, author George Bernard Shaw’s quote, “Never wrestle with pigs. You’ll both get dirty and pigs like it”, rings all too true.

My little cadre of tin foil hat wearers will be watching for future attempts to control media, squelch dissent, punish those questioning authority and manipulate political history. The fact that this kind of behaviour is apparently occurring points to how unscrupulous and immoral those clinging to or seeking to gain power can actually be. It only goes to show why many folks are so disillusioned with the political process that they don’t vote and have such great levels of distain for our elected leaders. To anyone who is backing these kinds of under-handed tactics, realize that doing so is a direct assault on the democratic process and the personal freedom of those you are supposed to serve. Scum, vermin, low-lifes, bottom-feeders and even goofs (that’s a fighting word in SRY in case you don’t know) are all labels that are too good for these kinds of people, no matter their social status, financial wealth or political ranking.bankers

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Just another Business tip.

Just another  Business tip.

In 2012, approximately 15% of Internet traffic stemmed from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. In 2013, this traffic has already reached 20 to 25% on average. All the analysts are predicting that the use of mobile devices will continue to grow. Not only do more and more Canadians have one, but those who do are making increasing use of it.

For small business owners, this is a new reality that can help acquire customers… or lose them, if the website isn’t adapted.

For example, one out of every three Canadian mothers uses her mobile device to comparison shop. Seeing as these women shop not only for themselves but also for their entire household, it affects a significant share of the retail business.

What happens if the website they’re surfing isn’t easy to consult on their smart phone? 44% of those who shop online using a mobile device have a very simple answer: They’ll never go back to that Web site again. For business owners, it means losing a customer to another business whose Web site is adapted for mobile devices.

Do an experiment: Visit your own Web site using a phone. If you aren’t satisfied with the result, you have three options.

1. Do nothing

But you’ll have to accept the idea of losing customers who would otherwise be quite happy spending their money at your store! This probably isn’t the best solution.

2. Create a website dedicated to mobile devices use a Qr code for quick response on a phone … google it, to look it up/.
This solution means having two Web sites: one for customers using a computer, and one for those using a phone. This option allows for customizing your content based on each group’s needs. For example, for the mobile version, you could put more emphasis on specific information like prices and the address, and less on general information. However, this involves having two separate sites to manage and update.

3. Create a website that responds to mobile devices

The term for this is Responsive Web Design: the segments that make up the Web page (image, title, main text) are placed differently depending on screen size. For example, a photo that appears to the right of the text on a large screen could be located at the end of the text on a phone screen. The advantage is that there is only one Web site to manage and update; the disadvantage is that the content cannot be customized for a mobile device.

Whether you decide to create a second dedicated Web site or adapt your existing site for mobile devices, why not kill two birds with one stone and take the opportunity to improve your current site.

Ask for advice from people who could become customers but who aren’t that familiar with your company. What impression do they get from your site? Are they easily able to find what they’re looking for? You can also hire an expert to recommend improvements.<

By retaining the strong points of your existing site and correcting its weak points, not only will your new site be easier to consult using a mobile device, it will also be more efficient in terms of selling your products and services.

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Don’t Rock the boat.

Don't Rock the boat.

There’s  no room for guys this big, in this boat.
This guy needs a new Boat or maybe just one 90 day Challange With the Visalus  to get the feeling for weight loss when it works, I like  the shakes that work well for me and my loved ones for feeling better about my health and loosing weight.

https – http the S is for Security

https  - http  the S is for Security

Http vs. Https: What’s the difference?

Eve Blakemore 4 Apr 2011 10:26 AM 3
A blog reader recently wrote in:

“A Facebook friend just told me that if the web browser says http:// and not https:// that my security is compromised. Is this true? How can I fix it?”

Your friend is right. Sort of.

If you’re just browsing the web and not entering any sensitive information, http:// is just fine. However, on pages that you enter your password, credit card number, or other financial information, you should always look for the https:// prefix. If you don’t see the “s,” don’t enter any information that you want to keep secure.

What does HTTP stand for?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It’s the first element you see in any URL and you can think of it as the language used to deliver information over the web. Most web browsers (including Internet Explorer) use an encrypted protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to access secure webpages. These pages use the prefix HTTPS. The “s” stands for secure.

Now, since you mentioned that this was a Facebook friend that told you this, we think you might be referring to the recent changes that Facebook made to help increase your privacy. You can now adjust your Facebook security settings so that you only browse Facebook in the https:// mode.

To learn how to browse Facebook in the https:// mode, see The Facebook Blog: A Continued Commitment to Security.

For more tips on how to tell if a website is secure, see Google… and google some of these words because iI don’t have the link I copied this from.

poster with clare

Happy Halloween from The Aplus Guy And ViSalus Happy Clare :]

A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping
has been Working on the North Shore 25 years
In North Vancouver And West Vancouver and the GVRD

A-Plus Lawn and Garden does it professionally with all the Good tools and experience that is needed.

From -Lawn care to Tree topping, Pruning trees and Shrubs & Trimming hedges. also paving stones Pathways and retaining walls.
Drainage and Ponds, Sprinkler systems & Rubbish Removal.

My Hometown Hero his initials are BA

My Hometown Hero his initials are BA

This is a doctored sexy Shot Of him a few years back,
I would like to talk to him and have tried,

I am sure he is busy and not in North Vancouver any more. Since then he is everywhere no doubt.
Sending his message with music by way of his Given name Bryan Adams.

And its the same since I Met him in Sutherland Secondary School back in 1977 in music Class :]

Happy Valentines Day 2013

Happy Valentines Day 2013

Good morning Sweetie and I hope you had a good Sleep.

And have a Lovely Valentines Day Love Daddy-0

best dog picture

best dog picture

Angus is a god Walking on water!
Why? … because He likes ViSalus Shakes Too. :]

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The Price is Right

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