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Happiness At the Golden Nugget in Vegas

Happiness At the Golden Nugget in Vegas

This is like a fun town Cruiser with a sleeping area For Fun in the sun.

but the Need to pay breaks it down to this Or ViSalus products so we can do it again

A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping North And West Vancouver BC For 25 Years


The garden lookout team

vi challengekitsThe garden lookout team

Find the help here at A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping. A-Plus has been serving the West Vancouver and North Vancouver as well as Burnaby and Vancouver City For 25 Years
Doing all the jobs for you.

So you can rest and watch or just enjoy the benefits of a A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping job done for you.

Oh Canada by Big Sugar

My video I Shot Big Sugar… live at the Commodore Ballroom Vancouver BC

Don’t Rock the boat.

Don't Rock the boat.

There’s  no room for guys this big, in this boat.
This guy needs a new Boat or maybe just one 90 day Challange With the Visalus  to get the feeling for weight loss when it works, I like  the shakes that work well for me and my loved ones for feeling better about my health and loosing weight.

https – http the S is for Security

https  - http  the S is for Security

Http vs. Https: What’s the difference?

Eve Blakemore 4 Apr 2011 10:26 AM 3
A blog reader recently wrote in:

“A Facebook friend just told me that if the web browser says http:// and not https:// that my security is compromised. Is this true? How can I fix it?”

Your friend is right. Sort of.

If you’re just browsing the web and not entering any sensitive information, http:// is just fine. However, on pages that you enter your password, credit card number, or other financial information, you should always look for the https:// prefix. If you don’t see the “s,” don’t enter any information that you want to keep secure.

What does HTTP stand for?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It’s the first element you see in any URL and you can think of it as the language used to deliver information over the web. Most web browsers (including Internet Explorer) use an encrypted protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to access secure webpages. These pages use the prefix HTTPS. The “s” stands for secure.

Now, since you mentioned that this was a Facebook friend that told you this, we think you might be referring to the recent changes that Facebook made to help increase your privacy. You can now adjust your Facebook security settings so that you only browse Facebook in the https:// mode.

To learn how to browse Facebook in the https:// mode, see The Facebook Blog: A Continued Commitment to Security.

For more tips on how to tell if a website is secure, see Google… and google some of these words because iI don’t have the link I copied this from.

poster with clare

Happy Halloween from The Aplus Guy And ViSalus Happy Clare :]

A-Plus Gardening and Landscaping
has been Working on the North Shore 25 years
In North Vancouver And West Vancouver and the GVRD

A-Plus Lawn and Garden does it professionally with all the Good tools and experience that is needed.

From -Lawn care to Tree topping, Pruning trees and Shrubs & Trimming hedges. also paving stones Pathways and retaining walls.
Drainage and Ponds, Sprinkler systems & Rubbish Removal.

My Hometown Hero his initials are BA

My Hometown Hero his initials are BA

This is a doctored sexy Shot Of him a few years back,
I would like to talk to him and have tried,

I am sure he is busy and not in North Vancouver any more. Since then he is everywhere no doubt.
Sending his message with music by way of his Given name Bryan Adams.

And its the same since I Met him in Sutherland Secondary School back in 1977 in music Class :]

Happy Valentines Day 2013

Happy Valentines Day 2013

Good morning Sweetie and I hope you had a good Sleep.

And have a Lovely Valentines Day Love Daddy-0

best dog picture

best dog picture

Angus is a god Walking on water!
Why? … because He likes ViSalus Shakes Too. :]

A picture is a thousand words!

Quick ... phone a friend

Quick … phone a friend

A picture is  a thousand words!

I don’t care if China has millions of miners. This is Canada.

Read more:

poster 1Just have a look at the ingredients, and you will see whats in it to make you feel good, like I do… and how it can help you and your family.

Email me At for more info to join ViSalus.


need help?.  The  “ViSalus 90 day Challenge” Meal Replacement….  It’s as easy as making tea, except you need a blender and some fruit and juice  or milk to make a Shake.

Can I Help?

Works well to stay healthy and maintain your hunger and happiness.

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