Just another Business tip.

Just another  Business tip.

In 2012, approximately 15% of Internet traffic stemmed from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. In 2013, this traffic has already reached 20 to 25% on average. All the analysts are predicting that the use of mobile devices will continue to grow. Not only do more and more Canadians have one, but those who do are making increasing use of it.

For small business owners, this is a new reality that can help acquire customers… or lose them, if the website isn’t adapted.

For example, one out of every three Canadian mothers uses her mobile device to comparison shop. Seeing as these women shop not only for themselves but also for their entire household, it affects a significant share of the retail business.

What happens if the website they’re surfing isn’t easy to consult on their smart phone? 44% of those who shop online using a mobile device have a very simple answer: They’ll never go back to that Web site again. For business owners, it means losing a customer to another business whose Web site is adapted for mobile devices.

Do an experiment: Visit your own Web site using a phone. If you aren’t satisfied with the result, you have three options.

1. Do nothing

But you’ll have to accept the idea of losing customers who would otherwise be quite happy spending their money at your store! This probably isn’t the best solution.

2. Create a website dedicated to mobile devices use a Qr code for quick response on a phone … google it, to look it up/.
This solution means having two Web sites: one for customers using a computer, and one for those using a phone. This option allows for customizing your content based on each group’s needs. For example, for the mobile version, you could put more emphasis on specific information like prices and the address, and less on general information. However, this involves having two separate sites to manage and update.

3. Create a website that responds to mobile devices

The term for this is Responsive Web Design: the segments that make up the Web page (image, title, main text) are placed differently depending on screen size. For example, a photo that appears to the right of the text on a large screen could be located at the end of the text on a phone screen. The advantage is that there is only one Web site to manage and update; the disadvantage is that the content cannot be customized for a mobile device.

Whether you decide to create a second dedicated Web site or adapt your existing site for mobile devices, why not kill two birds with one stone and take the opportunity to improve your current site.

Ask for advice from people who could become customers but who aren’t that familiar with your company. What impression do they get from your site? Are they easily able to find what they’re looking for? You can also hire an expert to recommend improvements.<

By retaining the strong points of your existing site and correcting its weak points, not only will your new site be easier to consult using a mobile device, it will also be more efficient in terms of selling your products and services.

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